Our Story

Our Story


It all started when...

In historic downtown Clifton, the Sinclair service station was built in 1922. Kaye Robinson Callaway bought the building in 2010 with plans to open a restaurant. While renovating she wanted to keep its original concrete floor, brick walls, and wood rafters to maintain its history.

Mitchell's Grille opened in October 2011, and quickly grew as an upscale small Texas town restaurant providing fine steaks and seafood dining in a relaxed atmosphere. Clifton voted to become "wet" for the first time ever a few months before it opened, the first restaurant serving beer and wine, helping the community enjoy a nice dinner. As all things come and go, Mitchell's Grille closed December 31, 2016.

Early 2017,  we revived the original station's name of Sinclair! Curtis Callaway introduced Kaye to chef Sonya Coté, owner of Hillside Farmacy and Eden East in Austin Texas who has made a name for herself with the farm to table movement. It all made sense. We have the same vision in bringing seasonal menus, fresh produce, cheese, meat, poultry, and seafood, and are sourcing locally as much as possible. Kaye moved from Austin to Bosque county in 1986 to live on her grandparents Robinson family farm where they could grow their own produce and harvest their own beef. Curtis worked as a documentary film maker about the same time and learned to appreciate good food from around the world. Sonya grew up vegetarian in Rhode Island and Iowa, until moving herself to Texas in 1988 where she is now known as one of the top 10 badass female chefs in America.

Once Kaye, Curtis and Sonya clicked together, we created Sinclair restaurant, inspired by local history, a passion for food, friendship and giving back to the community. Kaye's great uncle's 1920 Santa Fe clock proves that it is always 5 o'clock in Sinclair, so when each passing train blows loudly, all guests "Toast the Train" with drinks in hand!